3 Smart Ways How To Add Google Ads Certificates To LinkedIn Profile

Being Google Ads certified is excellent. Even if you are not seeking a PPC manager role, the certification is still helpful for every marketer.

It demonstrates your understanding of the world’s most comprehensive PPC tool. And what’s is even more critical, it proves your intent to learn. Your willingness to learn is a crucial factor for most employers.

However, having a bunch of certificates under your belt won’t help much. Let’s find out how you can add Google Ads certificates to your Linkedin Profile. Boost it.

1. Licenses and Certifications section on Linkedin profile.

That’s straightforward. But there are still some steps to do in advance.

To add an active link to your certificate, you need to make it public accessible first.

Navigate to Google SkillShop. Click “My profile” under your profile icon on the top right of the page. Make sure your profile setting is “Public.” Click on the achievement you want to add and copy the link. This link is public, and everyone can consult it.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to make your profile public, you can download a certificate. Then upload to any cloud service that allows public link sharing. Google Drive or Dropbox would be just fine.

After you have your certificate on Google Drive, click share, make it available for “anyone with a link,” copy the link.

Now let’s navigate to Linkedin.

Go to your Linkedin profile. Add profile section > Background > Licenses & Certifications.

In a pop-up window, fill the name of your certification program. Select Google Ads as an issuing organization. Fill the date information. Add credential ID you will find on your Google Ads certificate. And add a public link you have just copied into Credential URL.

Click Save. Congrats, you have added your Google Ads certificate to your LinkedIn profile. Looks nice, right?

Tip: Do not bomb this section with multiple lower quality achievements. List there the most important ones.

2. Courses in the Linkedin Accomplishments section.

If you want to showcase multiple certificates and achievements, consider the “courses” section.

This is a great way to make your learning path consistent. Navigate to “Ad Profile Section” > “Accomplishments” > “Course”.

Add a name and number of your Google Ads certificate. Or any other you want. Associate with your job role and click “Save.”

A pro tip. You can add a link to your certificate in a Number field. This way, you can add some credibility to your courses. Just note that there is a character limit in this field. Consider using an URL shortener in this case.

3. Share your Google Ads certificate in the post.

Neither of these ways mentioned above will share your newly earned certificate with your Linkedin network. Sure, they will be visible for your profile visitors if you make this information public. But nobody will be notified about it.

If your goal is to get some attention, consider sharing your achievement in a LinkedIn post. The best part about this, that you can make it visually appealing and show some creativity, adding visuals.

These are 3 primary ways you can add Google Ads certificates to your LinkedIn profile. Or any other. Sure, this won’t guarantee you a dream job position. But will add some credibility to your profile. In today’s digital marketing world, every penny counts.

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